Conseil et Formatrice en Communication et Développement Personnel

Communication and personal development consulting in private consultations

The Consultation Process

Our discussions are strictly confidential and happen in a conversational and friendly fashion. You will be invited to think in a new ways without judgment on your current mechanisms so that you can change those that are limiting you and optimize those that are working well. Then I'll help you build an objective self-assessment system (a much more positive one than the one currently in place !) that will allow you to continue your personal development plan alone, independently.A sense of well-being and the first changes will be felt tangibly after a few sessions, usually following the 3rd appointment. Gradually you'll rediscover the pleasure of living in harmony with yourself and with your surroundings.

The counseling sessions last about 50 minutes.

The recipe I use during our sessions :

Take 1 part NLP, 1 part Transactional Analysis, 1 part Ericksonian hypnosis, a dash of Provocative Therapy (Franck Farelly) and a pinch of ESPERE method (Jacques Salomé) and simmer on low with 22 years of experience in short-term, solution-oriented Brief Psychotherapy.Consultations can be held in French, in English or in Russian (coming soon).

Personal Development

Communication Training

Mental Manipulation, Emotional Abuse and Harassment

Overefficiency, Intellectual Giftedness or Asperger syndrome

Couple or Family Consultations

Personal Development

Personal development can help you achieving these goals : Overcoming fears and mental blockages. Overcoming anxiety. Understanding and managing your emotions. Healing from your past. Finding balance, being positive and making plans. Restoring your full potential to live life with joy, love and intelligence. Increasing your self-confidence. Learning how to be assertive. Developing interpersonal skills. Setting goals and achieving them. Living by your values. Knowing and following your Life Path…

Communication Training

Communication Training is recommended to : Improve your oral or written communication. Lead meetings, speak out in public, sell, motivate and manage. Write a leaflet, a CV, or a cover letter. Take a step back, get out of negative and manipulative relational systems to establish mutual respect and collaboration.

Mental Manipulation, Emotional Abuse and Harassment

Throughout my 22 years of practice, I've specialized in helping victims of manipulative people at work and in their private life. I've written several books on the subject and can help you understand the mechanics of mental manipulation and the signs of emotional abuse and most importantly, I can help you get out of your abuser's grip permanently.

Overefficiency, Intellectual Giftedness or Asperger syndrome

People with gifted minds are too often misunderstood and unsupported in their personal development plans. If you have read my books "Je Pense Trop" (I Think Too Much) and "Je Pense Mieux" (How To Think Better), you know that I am able to understand you and that I can help you manage your overefficiency.

Couple or Family Consultations

Difficulties in couples and families generally have one of these causes :- Lack of communication and poor conflict management- Poor understanding of how the other person functions and what values motivate his or her behaviour- Awkwardness in expressing demands and love.- Ignorance of the role and place of each person in the family.When both partners (or all family members) are of good will, these difficulties can be resolved quickly and permanently.

Making an appointment :

Often travelling abroad , I can only offer you one-time coaching and you must expect quite a long time between two sessions. My daughter Vanessa Petitcollin, started her own coaching business in Paris. Master-practitioner in NLP, familiar with my tools, she masters the themes of mental manipulation and overefficiency, and works under my supervision. She may offer you more regular coaching.

Adress of her office:
2 rue des Dardanelles,
75017 Paris,
Metro Porte Maillot,
Phone +33 675674810.


Appointments can only be made by phone + 33 06 75 20 33 04 (no email or text messaging, please)
Please note : Appointments that aren't canceled 24 hours in advance will be charged.

Consultations by phone or through video conferencing

In response to the growing demand for consultations throughout France and abroad, Christel Petitcollin now gives phone consultations and works through video conferencing.

By phone

In France : All you need is a home number or mobile phone (any operator). For international calls please use Skype.

Through video conferencing

You'll need a webcam, a microphone and to sign up (for free) on Skype (

Appointments must be paid online, 48 hours in advance.

Payment for a long distance consultation can be made by Credit Card or through PayPal only.No money orders or checks by mail.

A compter du 15 avril 2017, Les consultations se font uniquement par téléphone et vidéoconférence

Individual Consultation : 85 € :

Couple or Family Consultations : 110 € :

Cabinet de consultation