Communication and personal development, find your benchmarks

Author, instructor and lecturer, Christel Petitcollin offers the foundations and advanced tools to help develop individual potential and improve communication. NLP specialist, trained in hypnosis and numerous therapies, she delivers her experience and knowledge through her books and interventions in France and other countries.


Christel Petitcollin's books are practical guides whose benefits are praised by their readers: Addressed from the perspective of the family, the couple and children, her works explore -among other things- the themes of overefficiency, manipulators, and suggest ways of improving personal balance.

Translated books

Christel Petitcollin's work is appreciated in many countries. The author regularly gives internships and conferences abroad, and her books have been translated into English, Russian, German, Czech, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese...

Let's get to know each other

A therapist with a passion for human relations, a great traveller, Christel Petitcollin transmits her experience through her books, conferences, internships, in France and abroad...


Christel Petitcollin's lectures, in France and abroad, are an opportunity to develop the themes addressed in her books, to meet her readers and exchange with them.



With a specific work objective in the field of personal development or communication, internships and workshops run by Christel Petitcollin, are available to groups for variable lengths of time.


Supervision of therapeutic practice, personal, couple or family consultation, Christel Petitcollin will have the pleasure to help you during a private consultation in both French and English.

My values :  kindness, humour, optimism and common sense

"Harmonious relationships are an essential component of human well-being. Every improved communication with oneself or with others is a step towards collective well-being and peace in the world. When all parents and teachers are trained in communication and teach children the art of building healthy and constructive relationships with others, humanity will be saved."