Coaching sessions

Is it possible to get a consultation with Christel Petitcollin ?

 Yes, you may do some coaching sessions with Christel Petitcollin. In French, English, nor a little in Russian. But, due to a very busy schedule, she cannot propose ongoing and regular support.
She can offer you her expertise on occasional and spaced sessions. For maximum effectiveness of these interviews, we recommend that you read her books on the subject beforehand and that you carefully prepare the list of your questions and points to be addressed.

To make an appointment


- By phone on +33 675 20 33 04 with her secretary (please do not use SMS)
- Or fill the request form here


Supervision of therapeutic practice

You are a coach or therapist and have many overefficients or victims of toxic relationships in your clientele, you sometimes need advise or wish to take a step back from these often challenging stories. You are already working with my books and would like more information on their use in your practice?

Christel Petitcollin would be pleased to share her experience and be honoured to accompany you in practice supervision at the pace that suits you best.

Contact her office at the following number: +33 675 20 33 04.


Individual or family consultations

Working on your means of communication and personal development

Overcoming fears and blockages, overcoming anguish, understanding and managing one’s emotions, healing one’s past, finding balance, being positive and making plans, restoring one’s initial potential for joy in life, love and intelligence, increasing self-confidence, learning to assert oneself, developing one’s relational abilities, setting goals and attaining them, living according to one’s values, knowing and following one’s way of life…

Using NLP, Transactional analysis, Ericksonian hypnosis, provocative therapy and ESPERE method, and with her extensive experience of short therapy, Christel Petitcollin will have the pleasure to help you during a private consultation in both French and English.

Consultations, terms and conditions

Consultations are only done by telephone and videoconference. The sessions last about 50 minutes.


Please note the following :

- Before paying your consultation make sure you have an appointment

- Consultations must be paid for 48 hours in advance.

- There will be no refunds if the appointment isn't cancelled 24h beforehand.


Your appointment

- Telephone appointment at : +33 675 20 33 04

(No text messages, please)

- Or fill the request form

Consultation via phone

In France :  all you need is a fixed or mobile line.

If you live abroad, use videoconference.



Consultation via videoconference

Please specify when making an appointment if you prefer an interview on Skype or on Zoom.

- By Skype, have your Skype ID ready when making the appointment.

- By Zoom, give your email address. A connection link will be sent to you the day before the appointment.




Remote consultation is paid by Credit Card, 48 hours in advance. Postal orders and checks are not accepted.

Before you pay for your consultation make sure you have an appointment

Individual consultation

100 € (VAT 20% included)

Family consultation

130 € (VAT 20% included)

Supervision of practice

125 € (VAT 20% included)