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I would like to express my deepest gratitude. A writer is nothing without her readers. I take this opportunity to thank you all for your presence by my side, your feedback, your enthusiasm, your kindness and your loyalty. You inspire and motivate me. I love you."


Christel Petitcollin



Christel Petitcollin is a writer, lecturer and instructor in communication and personal development. Passionate about human relations, she specialised in understanding manipulators and mental overefficiency. Ex-normalian and teacher, alongside parents in the education of their children for twenty-five years, she knows all too well the difficulties encountered by these atypical children and their parents.


With Editions Trédaniel

- Mon enfant pense trop (My child overthinks – How to support them in their overefficiency)

 - Je pense trop (The art of overthinking - How to channel this invading mind)

 - Je pense mieux (Improving the way you think - Living happily with an effervescent mind is possible! )

- Echapper aux manipulateurs (Escaping manipulators - Solutions exist)

- Divorcer d’un manipulateur (Divorcing a manipulator, Full-time job)

 - Enfants de manipulateurs (Children of manipulators – How to protect them ?)

- Pourquoi trop penser rend manipulable (Why overthinking makes you easy to manipulate – Protecting your mind from manipulators)

With Editions Jouvence

- Victime, Bourreau, Sauveur, comment sortir du piège (Victim, Executioner, Savior, how to escape the trap)

- Emotions, mode d’emploi (Emotions, user guide)

- S’affirmer et oser dire non (Self assertion and daring to say no)

- Savoir écouter, cela s’apprend (Learning how to listen, it can be taught)

- Bien communiquer avec son enfant (How to get through to your child : the best strategy for effective communication)

- Scénario de vie gagnant (Winning life scenario)

- Les clés de l'harmonie familiale (The keys to family harmony)

- Réussir son couple (Building a successful couple)

- Petit cahier d’exercice pour sortir du jeu victime, bourreau, sauveur (Small workbook to breaking free from the victim, executioner, saviour game)

- Petit cahier d'exercice pour mieux s’organiser et vivre sans stress (Small workbook to help being organised and living without stress)


The books of Christel Petitcollin are highly successful and have been translated in many countries.

The art of overthinking has become a best seller in Germany, China, Korea, Spain, Italy, Poland and Russia. It is also published in Canada (in French).



  • Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming
  • NLP trainer certified by the Neuro-Linguistic Society
  • Practitioner in Ericksonian hypnosis
  • Transactional Analyst, ESPERE Method (JSalomé)
  • Provocative Therapist trained by Franck Farelly

Educational methods

They are primarily based, after theoretical explanation and demonstration, on the application of the taught tools, exercises, role-playing games and scenarios. Illustrated with many examples from everyday life and linked to the real-life experiences of the participants,  the teaching of Christel Petitcollin is very concrete, playful and accessible to all.

She makes it a point to render knowledge available to the most humble, by carrying out a high-quality popularisation.



At the service of your communication

Since 1992 :

Since 1992:

  • Creator and hostess of communication training: NLP, TA, themed days as well as professional courses.
  • Individual Communication Consultancy, Personal Development and Coaching Sessions.
  • Hostess of conferences and debates.


Past missions:

  • Organiser and hostess of reintegration actions for the public on the path of exclusion.
  • As part of the REAAP (Réseau d'Ecoute, d'Appui et d'Accompagnement des Parents), creater and hostess of the Parenthood Assistance Program of the UDAF in Haute Savoie, consisting of conferences and training days for parents (2000 and 2001)
  • Head of the column Personal Development at www.egowell.com (2000-2003).

Psychology articles in media

More than 500 psychology articles written in various magazines, and weekly columns for several years in local media:

  • In the Magazine Actives (monthly feminine supplement of the Eco of the Savoy countries), from 1998 to 2009, then in the Gazette de Montpellier, every Thursday, from March 2007 to July 2013.
  • On 7L TV : The show «Jeune d'esprit» hosted by Caroline Rossignol on Wednesdays from 6 to 6:40 pm for two years in 2008 and 2009.
  • On radio France Bleu Hérault : in the show «La vie en bleu» hosted by Léopoldine Dufour, on Wednesday between 9:30 and 10 am.


Christel Petitcollin also regularly intervenes in national and international media (written press, radio and television).