Communication and personal development

Internships and conferences

Would you like to organise a conference-debate or internship on the themes of communication or personal development, hosted by a specialised author?

Christel Petitcollin offers interventions in French, English and Russian.



Part one, subject development

Christel Petitcollin's lectures consist of a theoretical lecture of about an hour, expressed in a simple, concrete and often humorous language, accessible to all and illustrated by examples drawn from daily life in which everyone can relate.

Part two, open debate

The public is invited and encouraged to ask their questions, give their opinion and share their life experiences. Friendliness and warmth guaranteed.


Choose the theme of your conference from the list below or give us your topic and the objectives you wish to achieve at your meeting, we will study the preparation of your conference «custom-made».


Christel Petitcollin organises internships mainly for ready-made groups, in a professional or private setting, in France and abroad. She very rarely hosts internships open to the public.


If you are interested in one of the internship themes, create your group of 6 to 12 people, and the internship will be tailored to your needs: location, dates and times.

For complete information (objectives and program) on one of the internships, contact us.



The duration of internships and workshops can vary, from half-days to several days, depending on the theme and expected results.