Conference topics

Conferences on communication and personal development

  • I overthink
  • Improving the way I think
  • Self-assertion and saying no
  • Emotions, user guide
  • The bases of self-confidence
  • Stress management and personal organisation
  • Winning Life Scenario
  • Emotional co-dependancy
  • From our relationship towards money to budget management
  • Is violence inevitable?
  • Respect in relationships


Conference on mental manipulation

  • Escaping the dramatic triangle
  • Moral harassment in the workplace
  • Escaping manipulators
  • Divorce a manipulator, full-time job
  • Children of manipulators, how to protect them?

Conferences on education

  • Getting through to your child
  • Helping your child grow
  • Structuring a child’s personality
  • Do we still take our children for children?
  • In a difficult situation, what and how to tell the child?
  • Communicating with a Teenager
  • Supervising and coaching a teenager
  • Being a parent or how to give up being perfect
  • Guilty parents impeded parents
  • Being a mother today, is it mission (im)possible?
  • What limits and how to apply them to our child?


Conferences on the family

  • Being and becoming a grandparent, how do you find your place?
  • The keys to family harmony
  • From divorce to stepfamily

Conferences on information

  • Ericksonian Hypnosys
  • What is NLP ?
  • Understanding transactional analysis